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May 22, 2012
@ 7:32 am
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Admission #75: House MD Finale

Whether you love the show or not, House has made an impression, especially in the medical world.

So here is my humble submission of thanks to the show that has been with me during long nights of studying, fun weekends, and in the classroom.

Top 10 things House MD taught me

  1. It’s never lupus (except for in one episode when it was!)
  2. The do’s and don’ts of being a female medical professional. Because there’s no question that it’s got challenges of its own and the show has created wonderfully real, complex, flawed, strong female doctors who struggle with real life issues. Also, my business wear definitely has a few nods to Cuddy (blazers, scarves, and dresses) and Thirteen (boots, multi-functional tops that can be dressed up or down). I highly recommend the episode “5 to 9”; a must for any female medical professional!
  3. That insurance companies would kill me if I practiced medicine like House.
  4. Medicine is an art, not a science.  
  5. Everybody lies. 
  6. Everybody lies. And when you start to talk to patients, doctors, your peers, and even yourself, you’ll be humored, shocked, and humbled by the truths these lies are trying to hide. 
  7. It’s okay to like immature stuff even if you’re a doctor. It’s awesome!
  8. The purpose of a DNR (Do Not Resuscitate). As House perfectly stated, a DNR doesn’t mean you give up on a patient. Rather, that you do everything in your power to help the patient until no options are available. This is a very critical medical ethics issue that deserves greater discussion in the medical community.
  9. Never date your colleagues. Cute Australian accent? Working on a clinical drug trial for your genetic disease? Witty repartee, unresolved sexual tension, and feelings harbored since medical school? JUST SAY NO. 
  10. The pain you are afraid or ashamed of, can change lives. Pain is an integral, central theme in the show. House himself is constantly wrestling with pain versus sedation, physical and mental pain, just to scratch the surface. Many physicians search for redemption, meaning, or better understanding of their personal pain through their profession. There is no question that the doctors of House do just that as wounded healers, especially House. Starting as an adolescent watching the show to a medical student now, this message has touched me deeply. So thank you. Thank you for being there for me when I was hurting. Thank you for teaching me that my wounds make me a better, stronger person, not a weaker one. Thank you for showing me that my past injuries can help others who are injured, too. And that, ultimately, while we may all be in pain, that doesn’t mean we should ever give up on others or ourselves. 

Love from a long time fan,