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Aug 23, 2012
@ 10:35 pm
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10 Random Facts

lambiemd-ish asked: Hello :) I got tagged to do one of those 10 random facts about you lists. Now i’m tagging you to write one as you are one of my favourite blogs :D

Very honored to be a favorite, so I’m going to give it my best shot!! :)

  1. I have watched every Marvel Avengers movie (Both Iron Man movies, Captain America, Thor, Avengers itself) except The Incredible Hulk in movie theaters three times. 

2. I’m very good at making sunny-side up eggs

3. I love Arrested Development. Love in the sense I can quote it. My favorite episode is Motherboy XXX. 

4. In undergrad, my study music of choice for calculus was speed metal.

5. The first and last time I tried to play tennis, I hit my cousin in the face with a tennis racket. Granted, he was standing behind me.

6. I am a one-date wonder. I’ve never been asked on a second date! 

7. Whenever I watch EuroCup or World Cup football (aka soccer), I always cheer for Germany. 

8. I’m very good at memorizing song lyrics, from Disney songs to Jay-Z’s ‘99 Problems’. Don’t even get me started on ‘Bad Touch’ by The Bloodhound Gang. I’ve won many bets over the years by rapping the whole thing.

9. My favorite nail polish color right now is mint green

10. That said, my favorite girl scout cookies are Thin Mints. Yum!

If you like this, feel free to do it! Otherwise, I’m not going to tag anyone specifically :)


Apr 12, 2012
@ 12:25 am
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An “About Me” page is up!

Mostly, it’s exciting because I’m getting better at using tumblr! That, and some info on questions I answer and anonymity!

Much love,