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Dec 8, 2013
@ 11:12 am
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Note: If you freak out in the exam and forget the numbers, here’s a backup mnemonic.

I remember using this one a LOT, still do!


Note: If you freak out in the exam and forget the numbers, here’s a backup mnemonic.

I remember using this one a LOT, still do!


Sep 16, 2013
@ 7:30 am
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The Medical Chronicles: Palmaris Longus »



Yesterday in anatomy lab we worked on finding the extrinsic finger flexor muscles and arteries. While dissecting the skin of the forearm of our cadaver, my partner and I rested her arm on the table, supinated and bent back at the elbow - and as I kept going, I put my palm on her palm to keep it…


Gross anatomy lab is so special. Like a rite of passage all medical students and residents and doctors go through.

The hands especially.


Feb 3, 2013
@ 8:20 am
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When I finish a dissection early I’m like…




Jan 24, 2013
@ 6:40 am
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Looks like I labeled the clitoris incorrectly on your slides, which should tell you why I was unpopular in college.

— Dr. S; clearly a man’s man


May 10, 2012
@ 9:40 pm
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I heard that Dr. S made a little joke about me during the previous lecture, and I thought it only fair to return the favor. So here’s a picture of him at last year’s Halloween party dressed as Spiderman with white tennis shoes and white tube socks. As you can see from the shot of bourbon in his left hand, he’s pretty drunk.

— Prof. M. Don’t mess with him. Clearly.


May 2, 2012
@ 10:39 pm
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Admission #69: Quadratus Femoris

Me: So is this the quadratus femoris?

JM: I don't think so, I think it's the gracilis.

Me: I thought the lab manual had a nice diagram to confirm this?

JM: You don't trust me?

Me: You lost the lab manual didn't you?

JM: ...yeah, I lost it.

-Me, elbows deep in fat and muscle; JM, found the lab manual tucked under the cadaver's lungs


Apr 26, 2012
@ 7:12 pm
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Admission #65: The TA Games

Our TA positions are paid and super competitive. So, you know…


Apr 23, 2012
@ 7:31 am
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Admission #63: Submandibular Triangle

Prof. W: Let's pretend this cadaver is a patient with a gunshot wound that shatters the mandible. He comes in with his left side exposed like this. What do you do?

Prof A: I ask him if he was sure it was a gunshot wound and not a pack of med students with scalpels that did this to him.

-Prof W, one of my idols; Prof. A, loves second order questions


Apr 20, 2012
@ 7:08 am
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I’m going to hug you like the stylohyoid hugs the posterior belly of the digastric.

— Me to a slightly stressed out K. She declined politely.


Mar 4, 2012
@ 5:00 am
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Admission #44: Metabolism and Gross Anatomy

AW: I bought too many donuts for my gross anatomy dissection team. Who wants them?

Me and my team:

Suffice to say, my group and I got a lot of stares for our screams. 

Gif use inspired by wayfaringmd :)