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Apr 14, 2014
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Anonymous said: Is being gay frowned upon in medicine? Can it hurt admissions into a school?

Being gay is definitely not frowned upon in medicine. It cannot hurt your admissions, and if it does? That is both highly unethical and illegal for a medical institution to discriminate based on race, gender, or sexual orientation. 

That said, I go to a school in a state where things are pretty liberal and my classmates are very open-minded (it’s hard not to be after you see a lot of what we see. Who cares about someone’s sexual orientation when people are dying young in the hospital or you feel like you can’t save a damn person who walks through the door?). I have several wonderful classmates who are who identify within LGBTQA. No one gives them any crap for it and those who judge them know better than to open their mouths.

Professionalism is the key word in medicine. And being professional means that a colleague’s personal choices, like who they choose to be with, don’t factor in to what makes them a good physician. If an individual or institution is telling you that it does? That is a highly questionable medical school that is going to get its ass handed to them legally in the near future and I’d stay away from them anyways.



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