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Oct 22, 2012
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voguishpsychosis said: Hello! So, I was wondering if you knew of anyone who was accepted to med school with a relatively low gpa/mcat score. I always see people with 3.8+ and 30+ mcat scores getting accepted, do you know of anyone who has gotten anything lower and was still accepted?

Hi voguishpsychosis!

I’m one of those people! My GPA was about 3.7ish which gunners have been shocked to hear. :) Unfortunately, I can’t really help you with the 30+. 30 is kind of a cutoff…these days about 33, to be very brutal. How low are you thinking? Do you have number(s) in mind?

That said, your GPA and MCAT don’t need to be perfect! Remember, medical school is looking for the complete package: we want you to be a good human being first! The scores are a way to ensure that you are not only a good person but tenacious and tough enough to handle the academic rigors of medicine. 

Thanks for the question!



  1. voguishpsychosis said: Thanks so much! This puts things in perspective. All I know is that I need to get As in the rest of my classes lol
  2. chanceuse-et-heureuse said: I’m on the physics strugglebus right now, I’m ready for it to tank my 3.9 :-/ good thing my prof doesn’t curve until after finals week yaaaay mystery grade
  3. percythrillington said: I made it with a 25 MCAT and a 4.0. I had good volunteer experience and lots of shadowing. If you are drop-rounded, you still have a shot, but I fully expected having to retake and reapply.
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