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Jun 19, 2012
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gollywholly said: Hi! I'm thinking about doing music and pre-med in college, and I was wondering, what is the one thing that pre-med students don't know but should know about pre-med? Like, something you learned the hard way or something that many of your classmates didn't know, but was important.

gollywholly, this question is GREAT!

I had to think about this, and I’m pretty sure every pre-med is going to hate me when they read this:

Don’t be an gunner.

These are my reasons why:

  1. Gunners compete unnecessarily with others. A little healthy competition is fine. But someone who competes with themselves is a seeker of self-improvement and true wisdom; those who compete with others just want to make themselves feel better about their inadequacies instead of actually doing something about their flaws. 
  2. Gunners often go into medicine for the wrong reason. You want to make a lot of money. You want your parents to stop bugging you. You want to prove to someone that you’re smarter and better than them. You want an easy life. You think you can do a better job of being a doctor than those losers you see at your student health center. A doctor hurt your family or a loved one. Doctors have prestige, and you want to be a rockstar. Do any of sound like your reasons for going into medicine? Then my friend, don’t go into medicine. You’ll make more money in business, garner more fear/respect/noteriety as a lawyer, and your parents won’t stop bugging you until you stand up for yourself. 
  3. Gunners disrespect others. They see every person, be it a peer, professor, TA, etc. as means to an end, not an end themselves. Who wants a doctor like that?
  4. Gunners foster the hated ‘pre-med’ stereotype. If you’re pre-med, you’re going to work hard. Many people won’t understand. So it’s important to help each other out! Gunners create an atmosphere of paranoia, hate, suspicion, and fear, which isn’t necessary when a pre-med course load and extra-curriculars can do that already. So don’t be that jerk who rips pages out of textbooks or leaves things out of notes when someone wants to copy yours (I’m not making this up). Pay it forward, change the pre-med stereotype!

If my soft and squishy pleas haven’t changed your stone-cold gunner heart, I hope my final reason will

5. Every happy doctor, fellow, resident, intern, and med student had a choice to be a gunner. But they didn’t.  All of the medical tumblrs and blogs out there aren’t written by gunners; gunners don’t want to share or encourage. Medical personnel who have time to mentor, joke, inspire, and be great human beings who inspired you, me, other pre-meds and future pre-meds aren’t gunners; gunners are too busy with their own careers to care about puny pre-meds and med students. Happy people in medicine work hard and play hard; gunners work hard and think you’re a loser for playing. But hey, if being happy’s not your thing, then continue being a gunner!

Every pre-med has moments when they think being a gunner would be good. Including me. Don’t do it; don’t give in. Rise above and be the coolest, most hard-working, kindest, passionate, intelligent, and empathetic human you can be. And that makes you a good pre-med, well, that’s pretty cool too. ;)



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