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Apr 19, 2012
@ 11:04 pm
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cookiesandcreamsmoothie said: Hi! I heard from someone that the MCAT questions during the summer are generally harder than ones from other times throughout the year. Can you clarify this for me? Thank you in advance! I hope this question isn't silly...

Hi again, cookiesandcreasmoothie! :)

Ohhh yeah. This isn’t a silly question, I’ve heard this one too! I’ve taken the test twice at different times in the summer (once in June and once in August), and I thought both were of equal difficulty but in different areas.

I’m not going to debunk that adage because I don’t really know myself. All I know is that the MCAT is always tough. I WILL say that, because most people take the test during the summer, the distribution/curve is often tougher than a curve during a non-summer test time. 

I’m going to put this question to those out there reading or taking the MCAT: what do you think about this pretty famous theory, true or not?

Again, thank you for the question! Much love and appreciation,


  1. cranquis said: Never heard of that! Interesting theory, but not sure why the difficulty of the questions would shift from season to season.
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