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Apr 10, 2012
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cookiesandcreamsmoothie said: Thank you very much! Yes, of course you can publicize my question(s). I have another question. I heard from some people that taking the premed prerequisites (Chem, Orgo, Bio, Cal, Phy, Eng) alone is not enough to ace the MCAT. What would you suggest doing to be best prepared for the MCAT besides taking prep courses? I don't know if this question has been asked before because I couldn't find the tag for MCAT, but if it has, please redirect me there. Thank you in advance again!

Oops. So I realized that I don’t have your message anymore after I asked you if it was alright to post it! I’m still a rookie with tumblr. :)

Actually, I have NOT been asked an MCAT question yet, so I am quite excited, you’re the first, cookiesandcreamsmoothie! :D 

You are correct in mentioning two study facets to the MCAT. The first is courses. Aside from the classic 6 courses that you’ve mentioned, the other classes many schools are now requiring or like to see include: Mol Bio, Biochem, Sociology or other applied sciences, and Statistics. Another good one to take (for med school and the MCAT) is physiology. That being said, I never took Physio and rather regret it now. It sounds pretty cool and my buds who have taken it seem to have really flourished in med school.

The second prong is strictly test prep. Prep courses are great if you want a place to start. Other things that I’ve heard of (I only took a prep course) include buying test prep question books, private tutoring, making flashcards, and reading old textbooks. Here is the rationale behind these other tactics (as told to me by others).

  • Extra prep books: More questions, more practice. Also, one prep book/course may explain a concept or strategy in a way you understand while another might not
  • Private tutoring: My friend knew she was doomed in regards to organic chemistry. So she bought test prep books and preppd every section herself EXCEPT ochem. For that, she invested in a Princeton Review private tutor, who only worked on ochem with her! This works well if you know exactly where your weak points are.
  • Making flashcards: an addendum to prep courses and things. But I don’t do well with flashcards myself. Others swear by their giant card stacks. Some are pretty badass.
  • Reading old textbooks: Some people learn best by reading or cannot stand test-prep-oriented studying. They learn by creating a strong knowledge base, which can best be established via textbooks for these sort of folks. I’ve got a friend who read her old biochem textbook from cover to cover; and she dominated the biological science section.

Thanks for the awesome questions, cookiesandcreamsmoothie! Best of luck, keep me posted!



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