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Apr 23, 2014
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The three top rules of medicine


1) Be honest
2) Don’t be a dick
3) Know when to ask for help


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Apr 23, 2014
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Medical Children’s Book Idea


I need one of my medical peeps that has artistic skill draw up the cover for my new medical parody, “Llama Llama Trauma Drama.”

While you’re at it you can also write the actual book. I came up with the title. My work here is done.



Apr 23, 2014
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Question for the medblrs »






Of obvious and grave importance: how do folks dress in medical school?

On class days during the first 2 years, most folks are jeans and t-shirt types. We even had some PJ bottom folks in our class. Occasionally (like when everything else is dirty), folks get fancy. Some…

I am smack in the middle of this weird transition from preclinical attire to clinical attire!! 

I usually wore jeans or sundresses or whatever the weather mandated to lecture during the year. We had to do “dress” days occasionally when we were seeing patients or for clinical exams, etc. But mostly it was a pretty casual atmosphere. 

My ladies and I even had a pajama party once where we all wore our most ridiculous pajama bottoms to lecture. Batman PJs for the win. 

But now I’m having to dress business causal which means I actually had to find dress pants that fit!! I’m still trying to find someone who makes dress shirts in itty-bitty sizes (always a challenge). 

I’m constantly playing the “is this too short/too revealing/too flashy/too colorful/too uncomfortable/etc” game in the morning now! 

When it’s warm I wear shorts and dresses and skirts and generally look cute. When it’s cold and my soul is dead I wear leggings and boots and giant shirts (floral leggings are the best thing ever) and generally look cute. When I’m at home studying I wear pajamas basically all the time because I’m sitting on my bum for 8 hours and generally do not look cute.

For clinic/standardized patients I usually wear dresses and skirts. I too struggle with if things are too short because my torso is legit almost as long as my legs (I am the best model for any abdominal physical or ultrasound exam, I learned). I also have a giant shoulder tattoo piece. The solution? VINTAGE DRESSES. Anything before 1990, pretty much. They are cut longer and the necklines are ‘modest’ enough to cover my tattoo. Plus they look super cute with a white coat and comfy wedges or flats. Shoe inserts are the best thing that ever happened to me. Sometimes a little hemming or removing of the shoulder pads or wearing a slip underneath is necessary, but vintage dresses are where it’s at for clinic wear, ladies. :)

So I’m a strange med kid. Randommomentsdevida will tell you, I complain about scrubs like it’s my job. Probably because I had to work in them for years as a dental secretary. My school has a rule where we have to dress professionally for our “how to be a doctor” class, and for clinic (yay first year clinic!). For me that’s two separate days. On a normal lecture-only day, I wear jeans and blouses, flowy skirts, capris, tee shirts, cute dresses- basically I try to look cute. I even have a “bad day dress”- it looks super cute but is low maintenance and sweater material so it is really comfy. I can throw it on and be out the door in five minutes. Shoe wise, I wear a lot of ballet flats, occasionally sandals, and when I have time to fuss with laces, I break out my Converse. For clinic/doctoring, lots of dresses and pencil skirts, occasionally a pair of dress pants. I look really young so I try to wear extremely mature blouses and dresses. I wear wedges or ballet flats to clinic, and low heels to doctoring. On lab days, I will wear scrub pants and a tee or a sweater and tank, with my running shoes. I won’t put my scrub top on until the last minute. Home gear: huge baggy sweatpants and football jerseys.

I have no regrets.

In first and second year during lectures, it was almost always jeans (either blue or black) and either a tshirt or whatever cute top made me happy. And of course, I’d go nowhere without a badass fake leather jacket and boots. But honestly, no one cared what we wore to lecture.

These days on rotation, the name of the game is professional dress. If I’m wearing a dress, it’s at most 2 inches above the knees. Slacks or dress pants either in navy, khaki, black, or I have a pair in maroon. I have a collection of collared shirts in various colorful stripes and polka-dots. So a favorite, easy professional look I’ll wear to work is my pink polka-dot collared shirt, navy blue pants, and either boots, oxfords or kitten heels. On surgery, scrubs all the way. I’ve been enjoying the chance to wear my bright orange sneakers, my gold-and-red sparkled sneakers, and neon purple sneakers. :)


Apr 23, 2014
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I volunteered to stay awake

Insanity has finally caught up to me.
Man, I just want to be in the OR.

…woah, insanity really HAS caught up to me!


Apr 22, 2014
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Today during pass-on rounds

We’ve got winners here today:

-lady shoving broken glass into her abdomen
-man reluctantly admitting to injecting drugs into his buttock, causing an abscess
-Fournier gangrene (it is frightening)

And oh I am on call


Apr 22, 2014
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perpetuallyloading replied to your post: “See here? That’s a 30 inch dildo…

are you sure he didn’t mean 30cm??? Can’t say I’ve ever seen a 30 incher

I know what you mean, friend. Someone in class asked for clarification and apparently yes, 30 inches. I just….why? How? WHY?


Apr 22, 2014
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See here? That’s a 30 inch dildo in that man’s colon.

— Radiologist teaching me critical things on surgery


Apr 21, 2014
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After 5 hours of holding a Retractor and I let it slip slightly, the Attending Surgeon is like


the truth in this post is too strong


Apr 21, 2014
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Ellen Eagle - Elements of portraiture


Ellen Eagle - Elements of portraiture

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Apr 20, 2014
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Alright, irandommomentsdevida has posed an important question »

My answer to the same question:

md-admissions Liz Lemon, the ultimate girl-bro or maybe Tina Belcher. Definitely a chick named Tina. 


randommomentsdevida as Winston from New Girl, who loves pranks but is terribly bad at them.

ladykaymd : A Hermione/Leslie Knope hybrid who never sleeps and probably time travels to get all her life stuff done every day.

compoundfractur, as Hannibal the secret serial killer. Come on, those horror movie reviews?!  

ermedicine - the Janitor from scrubs, because when something bad goes down in the hospital, he’s probably nearby

aspiringdoctors as April Ludgate - a little creepy/badass but has a big heart that melts when animals are involved

me, wayfaringmd, as one of a host of Melissa McCarthy characters mashed up with Honey Boo Boo

cranquis as Jim Halpert, the super nice, down-to-earth, yet somewhat sneaky and mischievous office worker. 

and, in honor of the almost 1-year anniversary of the mysterious demise of her blog, lyla-md as any soap opera/telenovela star ever.

Wayfaring, you are a goddess do you even know? 

Also I love Tina Belcher so much it’s not even funny <3

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